Who We Are

Predator Warpaint is the first camo face paint to incorporate the latest in sunscreen technology to protect against the sun’s damaging rays.  We have built the next generation of camo face paint based on a glaring need that our founder identified during military service in the SEAL Teams.

Our formula is SPF 50, water resistant, sweat resistant, non-migrating, and overall extremely durable in the most extreme environments. We provide our customers with the most effective camo face paint, period. Predator Warpaint is a veteran owned company that is committed to making our high quality products in the USA.

Adopted by Elite Military, Predator Warpaint is the most effective camo face paint, period.

Once you put it on, it stays on. The high quality formula is water resistant, sweat resistant, non-migrating, and durable during high perspiration activities. Made with SPF 50, Predator Warpaint protects your skin from harmful UV rays and prevents burns and skin cancer.

Nick Norris


The camo face paint that was issued to us never prevented sun burns during multi-day training events, and it usually ended up sweating off my face before we even made it to our hide site. I was determined to fix these problems, and Predator Warpaint became that solution. We expected innovation from every company that provided gear to our unit, and face paint should have been included in this innovation decades ago.
Thank you for sending us the Predator Warpaint. We took it out for testing. I must say, its everything as advertised. I think you have an outstanding product and we can’t wait to see it everywhere.
Josh Wilson
Owner, Wilson Armory LLC
It’s always really cool to find a product with a good story behind it…Thank you for serving our country.
Richelle Easley
I was very impressed with your product.To be honest, it’s the best face paint I’ve seen yet.The liquid paint on the market wasn’t what I expected.
Logan Lair
Southern Wing Shooters
Just got the paint in an it is amazing. Best face paint I have used by far. Can’t wait to use it in the duck blind this weekend!
Locked Up Waterfowl
Aloha & Mahalo for your product! I just received it and have been testing it out on my waterfall rappels, etc. Excellent! Now I can hunt and rappel in our jungles and the little grand canyon of the pacific without my balaclava in the high humidity to protect me from my sun allergies…
Charlie Cobb-Adams
We went bowhunting and used your paint and it worked great! The temperature was in the upper 40s and it was very damp out. The paint held up great… Keep up the good work!
Long Island Hunting