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About Us



Our mission is born out of a deep understanding of the needs of outdoor warriors, sports hunters, photographers, and military operatives. We didn't just start a company; we answered a call to provide you with a camo face paint that's more than just concealment – it's a shield for your skin.

Our journey began because we recognized the demand for a camo solution that not only defeats the sun but is also gentle on the skin, ensuring your focus stays razor-sharp in the field. Fueled by a commitment to excellence, we forged a natural formula that doesn't just camouflage; it defends against the elements with water-resistant, battle-tested durability.


In 2014 we started out with the goal of creating superior camouflage face paints with a natural mineral base, resilient enough to conceal and protect our nation’s elite warriors. Understanding the enormity of the task we reached out to our network of military veterans and special operations advisors; however, we soon found out developing products capable of handling the rigors of US Special Operations required more than just transcending the current standards of camo face paints. It meant shielding America’s warfighters from harm as well as multitude of environmental hazards ranging from extreme temperatures, windburn, infrared light (IR), and carcinogenic airborne particulates, without inhibiting their operational performance.

The Genesis

After successfully meeting the stringent requirements necessary to protect our nations special warfare operators, we delved into the needs of other specialized communities including: Underwater Construction, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, ranching and agriculture, just to name a few. What we found was a large portion of the men and women that build, maintain and protect this country hardly consider any product as a means for protecting themselves. Although we greatly appreciate their selfless work ethic we couldn’t let good people continue to take unnecessary risks. So we decided to bring the camo protection we developed for the toughest warriors on earth, to the hardest-working people on the planet.

Our mission is to provide rugged hard-working men and women with superior concealment and skin protection.