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Woodland 3-Color Camo

Sale price$16.99

Predator Warpaint is back with new, precision applicators. The same formula, with a new look. Woodland Camo includes: Soot Black, Spike Brown, and Sage Green. 

Designed by a world-class chemist and former Special Operations Forces, this 3-pack color camo face paint is designed for the specific needs of hunters and military. It's the first camo face paint to incorporate the latest in skincare technology to protect against environmental pollutants and aggressors. Our formula is water & sweat resistant, non-migrating, and durable in the most extreme environments. 

Protect the skin from environmental aggressors, such as:  Pollution / Wind and Infared Burns, and  EXTREME TEMPRATURES (hot /cold)


Prevent the skin from irritation induced by the Environmental Aggressors


Preserve the skin barrier, by fortifying the natural defense barrier, using a derivative from Linseed Oil, that moisturizes and enhances the skin’s protective layer. 


Legacy Formula

One of the key components in our formula is linseed oil, which has been useD over centuries as a natural film PROTECTOR. Through our research, we have found that it enhances protection against environmental aggressors, contributing to improved overall performance.


Shipping to all the Us.


Zinc Oxide is the mildest mineral available for use skin products, and is used to treat itching, skin infections, chapped skin, and other skin conditions.


Ask us anything at any time.


Single tube allows for precise and targeted application


Safe for sensitive skin, odorless and parabens

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Phillip Palmieri
THE facepaint for the discerning Warfighter.

When i found out that Predator Warpaint was back I was elated! I've been a customer since the Kickstart campaign, and this is the best facepaint for military servicemembers IMO. I've been using mine for years and it has never once run, clumped, or come off from a touch or light brush of my equipment.

The sunscreen included pays dividends beyond what I expected. As an Infantry NCO I have high expectations of my equipment and how it performs. This facepaint easily exceeded those expetations.

If you haven't tried Predator Warpaint, you're missing out.


Easier to apply like the smaller tubes much better.

M. Swaney
Love the tube concept, miss the puck though

I love the tube concept because its easier to apply and less of a mess. However, I still wish the puck was an option to purchase because it made it convenient to have all three colors at once. Plus the puck had multiple functions as well rather than just a warpaint and tube. These tubes are a good idea though. I would also suggest that they be sold separately. This would allow the company to have multiple colors on hand that would allow hunters and Soldiers to have a better selection of the colors that they will need and use rather than just the standard green, black, brown. Sometimes you need more green and black or just black.

Steve Ogden
Best face paint

It doesn’t burn my skin and cleans off easy best face paint on the market

Isaac Drake
Greatest camo paint

I had the original with the mirror, only camo I wear