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Retired United States Marine Corps Four-Star General Robert Neller

"General Bob Neller USMC retired here. I want to give you some information about a better way to camouflage the exposed portions of your body.  Back in the day, ground forces habitually used camouflage to reduce their visibility, day and night.    We used camouflage paint provided by our units or sometimes purchased ourselves to conceal ourselves.  During the GWOT we lost this part of our "field craft" because our adversary did not have the sensors to see us.   Those days are gone. Today's battlefield is covered with sensors, so to be seen is to be targeted.  The need for what we now call "signature management,"is a critical skill.   Predator Warpaint is a new and better way to camouflage the exposed portions of your body. Not only will it reduce your signature but it is also far superior to other products out there.  In addition to being long-lasting, sweat and water resistant, it is  odorless, free of irritating chemicals, protects against extreme temperatures and enhances the epidermal skin barrier.  To  me, this makes it a great product for use by our military, security forces or even by folks who hunt. So, check it out."

Our mission is to provide rugged hard-working men and women with superior concealment and skin protection.