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Operationally effective sunscreens for the Xtreme.

We’ve got skin in the game—literally: We all live under the same sun so we made it our goal to protect, prevent and preserve America’s skin from cancer causing rays and airborne particulates by providing the most technologically advanced medical-grade sunscreen with military-grade strength.


What is operationally effective, and why is it important to me?

Elite warriors and athletes rely heavily on sensory integration and the sustainability of their equipment to be effective in their craft. Realizing this we went out of our way to ensure none of our products hinder our users perception, wear off prematurely or inadvertently expose them to environmental hazards.

What is sensory integration?

All living creatures receive information through its senses in order to perform its necessary tasks for survival. These include sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste, vestibular, and proprioception. Anything that prevents them working in harmony during an endeavor puts the successful outcome of it at risks.

What do Sentinel products smell like?

Nothing. Our products are scent free, giving hunters a distinct advantage in the wilderness and forest.

Do Sentinel products burn the eyes?

None of our products irritate the eyes or adversely affect vision. Whether you’re a competitive athlete, professional marksman, or just checking your altimeter or depth gauge, we understand clear vision is essential. Why are we so sure? Independent EpiOculartm testing demonstrated our products are similar or less sensitive to the eyes than fresh water.

What effect will Sentinel products have on my grip?

None. As with any emollient you might have a slightly slippery sensation when initially applied, but this will dissipate quickly so as to not hamper your tactile sensation or grip.

Do Sentinel products wear off in extreme temperatures, excessive sweating, or prolonged exposure in water?

No. Our Dry Grip Technology™ ensures our products can withstand the most turbulent ocean waves, and the harshest environments on earth. This makes our product a perfect choice for triathletes, ultra-runners, outdoor adventurists, or Navy SEALs swimming to shore to do . . . well what Navy SEALs do.

What is Dry Grip Technology™?

Dry Grip Technology™ is the light and dry finish in our patented formula that holds our products in place while also preventing excessive drying of the skin from cleaning solutions, lubricates, fuels, etc.

Are Sentinel products safe for sensitive skin

Absolutely. We understood toxic plants are found in almost every climate so contact with the juice, sap or thorns from one of these is practically inevitable when breaking trail. Therefore, we ensured our products were cleared for use on individuals with psoriasis, rosacea, etc., so as to not trigger a flare-up or worsen their condition.

What level of sun protection do Sentinel products provide?

All our products are SPF50 and offer broad-spectrum protection from burning, cancer-causing UVB rays and lower energy UVA rays that are mostly attributed to the premature aging effects of wrinkles, liver spots, actinic keratosis and solar elastosis, etc.

Why does Sentinel use non-nano zinc oxide, and avoid the use of nano-particulates?

Micro or non-nano zinc oxide provides better protection and it’s safer. Recent studies demonstrate nano zinc can be less protective against broad UVA rays.2 Additionally, both the National Park Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration consider nanoparticle sunscreens as potentially harmful to marine life, whereas they designate non-nano zinc oxide as reef friendly.

What are cancer-causing airborne particulates?

Particulate matter (PM) from atmospheric pollution such as brake dust, lead, ash, etc., and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) produced from the burning of fuels, trash, wood, etc. have been classified as cancerous to humans.3 Our revolutionary patented formula neutralizes these carcinogenic particulates on your skin.


In-Store Purchases

Return any defective product up to 30 days to the store you purchased it for a hassle-free exchange of the same Sentinel product or another of equal or lesser value.  

Sentinel Website Purchases

Products purchased at can be exchanged for the same Sentinel product or another of equal or lesser value up to 30 days from the original purchase. Simply submit your proof of purchase and a brief description or photograph annotating the product defects to Exchanges for online purchases from can also be made at any “US Patriot Tactical” location.

Online Retailer Purchases

Products purchased through an online retailer such as Amazon are subject to the exchange and return policy for that particular retailer.

Returns and Sentinel Credit

We realize mailing any of our products back to us can be irritating and requires paying costly shipping fees - so why do it? Instead we are happy to provide Sentinel credit up to 30 days from the original purchase that can be used toward future purchases at Simply submit your proof of purchase and a brief description or photograph annotating the product defects to Within a few days you’ll receive an email with discount code equal to the amount of your product(s) return.


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