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Sentinel’s focus is on developing products based off proven research from leading experts in both the skin and health care industries, not would-be aficionados pushing brands blended and bottled by some private label suntan factory.


Co-founder and lead product developer Laura Singleton is a key player in the creation and development of some of the most significant breakthroughs in sunscreens. She holds more than a dozen patents that revolutionized the industry.

Why is that so important? Because many of the qualities our competitors tout about their products were technologies our master chemist either created or helped innovate. Laura’s list of advances is long and includes such innovations as the Dry-Touch Ultra Sheer Technology that revolutionized the industry’s aesthetic standard for sunscreens; Wet Skin Technology, which is used in nearly every spray and lotion on the market to allow them to be applied on wet, sweaty, or damp skin without any unpleasant run-off or whitening; and Micromesh Technology that gives the skin the ability to breathe and sweat normally without sacrificing UVA and UVB coverage in high intensity sporting activities. Laura also helped develop Inorganic UV filters, Helioplex Technology and major advances in lotions and sprays including tint and consistency. The first sprayable sunscreens with a non-tacky feel yet still capable of achieving the highest broad-spectrum SPF values was Laura’s creation, too. We can go on and on, but all you need to know is that Laura took all those technologies—and more—to the next level when she created Sentinel protection for you.

So, before you purchase a potentially cancer-sparing sunscreen product, ask yourself this important question: Is it backed by scientific experts on staff who developed it, or are you taking a leap of faith hoping the manufacturing plant the company chose did it right?